Happiness makes us less creative

Happiness is the goal for most of the humankind. Several people believe that it is the be all and end all of all human efforts. But does everything related to happiness give us something positive?

The article happiness makes us less creative claims that there are downsides to happiness. Happy people are less creative to start with. The article claims that creativity calls on persistence and problem solving skills, not positivity.

The article further claims, “But rigor is the key to overcoming obstacles and completing tasks—and good mood doesn’t improve problem-solving, which involves judgments that almost by necessity won’t feel good: critique and evaluation, experimentation and failure. The stress that arises from problems may be unpleasant but it also motivates us to complete tasks, Davis says. In other words, negative emotions are actually beneficial to the creative process.”

Artists have claimed that for a long time. Pain is the core input for artistic creativity, they say. Happy people do not create art as there is no motivation for them to look inside their hearts and make it bare for other people to see. But is this true for other people whose work needs intellectual output? The article claims that problem and challenges that are a requirement for business creativity do not necessarily create positive states in the employees, but they are essential for the creative spark.

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