Tips on the world happiness day

On the occasion of the world happiness day, 20th March, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland were declared the five happiest countries in the world. So how does one become happy? This article from Good Men Project tells you five ways to do so:

1. Nurture relationships : This is no rocket science. Spend more time with the loved ones. And not on the social media. Make sure you see them and talk to them.
2. Seek new experiences : Try a new cuisine. Take a new path to your workplace. List your name for that trek. New experiences would revive that sense of novelty in your life and bring happiness.
3. Help others : A small help would bring fulfilment to you. Identify ways in which you could be of help to others and take time out to do it.
4. Be grateful for what you have : Sometimes we forget the amazing life we have in pursuit of things that we do not have. Take a moment out and thank everyone for everything you have.
5. Savor the moments: Slow down and focus on the routine activities. When you are watering the plants, do not do it mechanically. Be mindful and see the change in the states of your mind.

Try these things and tell us how they work out for you!